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  • Premium chain optimisation: Advanced cleaning and lubrication using ultrasonic cleaner technology.
  • High-performance lubrication: Featuring Muc-Off Ludicrous AF, the fastest race lube for peak efficiency.
  • Deep cleaning advantage: Ultrasonic cleaning removes contaminants for superior chain performance.
  • Enhanced ride quality: Enjoy a smoother, faster ride.
  • Charitable impact: All profits benefit Muslim Charity, supporting global poverty alleviation and essential services.
  • Parts not included in the service.

Details of your Muc-Off Chain Optimisation

Unlock the ultimate performance for your bike with TEAMMC Cycles’ Muc-Off chain optimisation. Utilising advanced ultrasonic cleaner technology, our experts ensure your chain is impeccably clean and lubricated, delivering smooth and efficient power transfer. We use Muc-Off Ludicrous AF, the world’s fastest race lube, to minimise friction and maximise speed, making it perfect for both competitive riders and daily commuters.

Our meticulous process involves deep cleaning the chain with ultrasonic waves, effectively removing dirt and contaminants that standard cleaning methods can’t reach. Afterward, the chain is treated with Muc-Off Ludicrous AF, providing exceptional lubrication that lasts longer and performs better under extreme conditions.

In case you need a new chain we will let you know before we get to work.

Enhance your speed for charity

All profits generated from our Muc-Off Chain Optimisation go towards supporting the humanitarian projects of Muslim Charity, an organisation dedicated to combating poverty and providing critical services such as education, clean water, and emergency relief around the world. By choosing this service, you’re not only enhancing your bike’s performance but also contributing to life-changing humanitarian efforts.
Elevate your cycling experience and support vital humanitarian efforts with TEAMMC Cycles’ Muc-Off Chain Optimisation!

Bicycle Maintenance
packages and Prices

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Bronze Service £40

silver service
  • Our expert mechanics will safety-check your bicycle with the headset, bottom bracket and hubs checked for wear and tear.
  • All nuts and bolts will be checked and torqued, wheels will be checked for wear and inflated to the correct pressure and the chain will be lubricated as necessary.
  • This service is more in-depth and we recommend it for bikes where parts are showing signs of wear and not operating properly. Parts not included.
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Silver Service £80

  • The silver service includes everything from the Bronze Service plus cassette, chain, chain set, front derailleur and rear derailleur removed, degreased and lubricated.
  • The frame and fork will be wiped down and checked for alignment. Wheels will be removed from the frame and trued to improve straightness and roundness of the wheel.
  • This service is more in-depth and we recommend it for bikes where parts are showing signs of wear and not operating properly. Parts not included.

Gold Service £120

  • For our gold service, we include everything from the silver service plus more. In this level, all components are removed, cleaned and inspected.
  • The bottom bracket, hubs and headset bearings are cleaned, inspected and re-greased where necessary.
  • The frame and fork are cleaned and inspected for damage and alignment. This is the most thorough service we offer, perfect for more used and worn bikes, or ahead of a particularly long or challenging cycling challenge. Parts not included.