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Our History

TEAMMC CYCLES came into fruition following the roaring success of the TEAMMC Cycling Club (Strava Club Link). The TEAMMC Cycling Club brings together people from all backgrounds who love cycling, are looking for a new adventure, and have an interest in keeping fit. All are welcome, whether you’ve been cycling for years, or if you’ve only just started, and we welcome people of all backgrounds and all faiths or none. The club is made up of people from all walks of life, and all abilities, who come together to enjoy some quality cycling experiences, while also promoting cycling as a healthier and more climate-friendly way of life.

The TEAMMC Cycling Club was formed in 2016, with a historic debut ride the following year from the UK to Saudi Arabia, which attracted a huge influx of new members. The ride was led by Rashid Ali, who became the first person ever to cycle from London to Makkah – a distance of more than 5,000 kilometres – which was accomplished in 56 days, bravely cycling across 13 countries. Rashid Ali’s group, including Abdul Hannan and Shubo Hussain reached Makkah in time for the Hajj, which they performed in 2017. Hajj is a sacred pilgrimage that takes place each year in Saudi Arabia, where millions of Muslims take part from all over the world. Muslims who can afford to do so, are required to perform Hajj once in their lifetime.

The TEAMMC Cycling Club is now based at TEAMMC CYCLES. The club holds regular training sessions for experienced and new riders and provides trainings for a range of charity challenges both in the UK and globally. Its aim is to encourage more people to get into cycling, and to help promote better health and fitness through cycling.