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9 Hessel St, London E1 2LR, United Kingdom

Bicycle maintenance packages and prices


Bronze Service

  • Our expert mechanics will safety-check your bicycle with the headset, bottom bracket and hubs checked for wear and tear.
  • All nuts and bolts will be checked and torqued, wheels will be checked for wear and inflated to the correct pressure and the chain will be lubricated as necessary.


Silver Service

  • The silver service includes everything from the Bronze Service plus cassette, chain, chain set, front derailleur and rear derailleur removed, degreased and lubricated.
  • The frame and fork will be wiped down and checked for alignment. Wheels will be removed from the frame and trued to improve straightness and roundness of the wheel.
  • This service is more in-depth and we recommend it for bikes where parts are showing signs of wear and not operating properly. Parts not included.


Gold Service

  • For our gold service, we include everything from the silver service plus more. In this level, all components are removed, cleaned and inspected.
  • The bottom bracket, hubs and headset bearings are cleaned, inspected and re-greased where necessary.
  • The frame and fork are cleaned and inspected for damage and alignment. This is the most thorough service we offer, perfect for more used and worn bikes, or ahead of a particularly long or challenging cycling challenge. Parts not included.

Best Sellers


TEAMMC CYCLES is a one-of-a-kind cycling-friendly cafe, in East London. We’re home to a quality repair shop, providing excellent service for your bike, helping you get back onto the road. We also run a cosy, Moroccan-themed cafe, which is the perfect place to rest, socialise and refuel. With every purchase, you’ll be giving back, helping to inspire and uplift those living in poverty.

Map it out 

It’s great to head out on the open road or trail and see where the day takes you but it’s also rewarding to have a ride challenge set out in advance. Online mapping will help you plan out an awesome route for the ride ahead (or find your way back home once you’re lost in the wilds). Our journey planner, routes and cycling area guides should also help.